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Custom Research

CM&B can help you make smart, fact-based decisions by designing custom research solutions that address your unique business problems.

We'll help you further clarify your business problems, define your research objectives and select research approaches tailored to maximize your investment and results. Whether you need qualitative, quantitative, online, offline, domestic or international research, we will ensure that the right resources are brought together to provide you with the highest quality support .

Issues We Help Address
Business isn't always easy. It's our job to equip you with the insight and information to make smart business decisions.

A few of the business issues and related questions we frequently address for our clients include:

  • How do customer/consumer value systems and beliefs affect product/service preferences?
  • Who uses or might use your products/services?
  • What do they think about your products/services?
  • How do your product/services fare in the competitive marketplace?
  • How do consumers make purchase decisions?
  • What product features and benefits are most desirable?
  • How many will buy this product/service at this price?
  • What are new or emerging customer requirements for products/services?

Tools We Use
As custom researchers, we have expertise with a variety of research tools including:

  • Discrete Choice Modeling
  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Segmentation (Cluster) Analysis
  • Psychographic & Attitude Measurement
  • Pricing Modeling
  • Prime Prospect Analysis
  • Multi-Dimensional Scaling/Mapping
  • Correspondence Analysis
  • Trade-Off Analysis (Multiple Paired Comparison)
  • Regression Analysis
  • Discriminant Function Analysis